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Have lunch everyday with Biffi in Galleria

Have lunch everyday with Biffi in Galleria

Dear customer! 

This box contains much more than a simple souvenir it delivers life stories. 

With more than a century of tradition and quality, the Biffi Restaurant of Milan, Italy, and Tramontina of Carlos Barbosa, RS, Brazil, start a partnership that brings light to the history of these two countries. 

Thanks to an opposite movement to that of the ancestors who emigrated to Brazil from Northern Italy, the Biffi Restaurant, founded in 1867 and managed today by one of the descendants of these migrants, born in Bento Gonçalves, RS, Brazil, becomes an example of perseverance, fight and achievement, learned from this past. 

Tramontina was established in 1911 by the son of Italian who emigrated to Brazil to build a new world, crossing the ocean with blood and tears, faith and solidarity. Today it embraces these origins through its products, recalling the pride of its founders. 

Tramontina's silverware, to rediscover the pleasure of the traditional Milanese gastronomy at the Biffi Restaurant, made especially for you.

If you need more information ask the Biffi’s staff.